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The Difference We Make For You

The gtechna solution is unique among all currently existing enforcement solutions for offering two major industry game-changers: Error Correction Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence.


Error Correction Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Error correction is a mission-critical process that takes your organization to the heights of professionalism and flawless execution. Human and machine errors due to transcription and transposition mistakes as well as server and network communication issues can burn holes in your ticket revenue, lower compliance and create a negative customer experience. What if there was a technology that could completely eradicate these issues once and for all? There is…

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence gives you and your team the agency and vision to make educated decisions to positively impact short and long-term performance based on actionable insights. Now organizations can leverage 100% of the resources drawn from Business Intelligence (BI) insights to plan for future uses—with the data to back it up.

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Why gtechna

Mobility and Smart City Solution - Achieving Your Vision as Leader

There are many variations in the definition of a smart city, but its unvarying goal is always to deliver the best possible services to citizens. gtechna solutions align with your customer-centric goals to create an unparalleled positive user experience while elevating performance and productivity through technology.

Why gtechna

Compliance and the Fundamental Success of your Operation

Your compliance KPIs are only as strong as the technology behind your operation. Delivering a seamless undisruptive experience to customers with error correction technology to bolster your system with 99% uptime, ensures that you meet and exceed your goals.

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Why gtechna

Improve Financial Performance Winning Over Your Stakeholders

Getting the backing and support you need means providing justification for the investment in technology. Join leaders of the most adopted citations software solutions in North America, including Washington, D.C., Seattle and Pittsburgh, where revenues have nearly doubled since becoming an early adopter of smart parking solutions in 2008.

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Why gtechna

Real-Time Communication and the Integrity of your Organization

Real-time communication is at the heart of any smart city solution. Having data-sharing capabilities across systems in real time can make your operation proactive instead of reactive. In a situation where a system or zone goes down, being proactive can avoid revenue loss, frustration and complaints by your customers. It also empowers your team to work in concert to function more systematically and strategically.

Why gtechna

Providing an Excellent Customer Experience

Creating stress-free partnerships for our clients is important to us—just as important as delivering outstanding results. Having satisfied customers leads to end-user buy-in and continued support from your stakeholders. That’s why we provide you with the training you need to transition successfully to a new system.

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Why gtechna

Doing Away with Integration Pains

Our clients are often dealing with the real challenges involved in consolidating different technologies. We are the experts who manage the transition to a system that can consolidate multi-vendor technology or repurpose and readapt technologies over time. We have used this methodology to great success, to support our client’s future plans while managing their current reality and their bottom line.

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