Universities and Colleges

With a combination of garages, surface lots, and on-street parking, campus parking can be painful to manage. You need a parking management solution that allows for easy enforcement and makes it simple for faculty, staff, students, and visitors to find and pay for parking.

gtechna expertly creates custom parking solutions for universities across North America. We build on the infrastructure you already have in place, adding the modules and hardware you need to create a robust and intuitive campus parking system.

Why Colleges and Universities choose gtechna

Campus parking, simplified

Avoid expensive renovations and make the most of your current parking infrastructure—partner with gtechna for a completely customized university parking management system.

Configurable to fit your campus

Easily manage both gated and gateless parking zones with a powerful combination of eticketing and license plate recognition software. Highly versatile pay by plate functionality allows you to use any combination of kiosks, meters, and online payments—and do away with hang tags and decals for good.

Easy integration

When you partner with gtechna to perfect your campus parking system, you won’t have to completely overhaul your current infrastructure. We’ll assess your existing layout, zones, and hardware and layer on gtechna software modules to create an efficient and modern university parking system.

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