The evolving role of parking enforcement in curbside management

The curb real estate is now in high demand and is at the centre of discussions around mobility and sustainability in urban areas.

Cities need the right partners to manage the curb as an asset.

So parking technology firms must offer cities effective tools that provide deep integration of multiple services.

Around 2010, growing interest in a shared economy prompted start-up tech disruptors to new commercial application for the curb. Docked bike sharing, car sharing and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft, transformed the curb into a highly competitive and revenue-generating space.

Today, the curb continues to attract a growing list of micro-mobility operators deploying last mile transportation solutions such as e-bikes and e-scooters. This increase in commercial activity adds another layer of complexity to an ever more crowded public thoroughfare.

How we manage curb space matters. Looking at sustainable social, economic, and environmental solutions requires that all stakeholders work together. And enforcement plays a vital role in achieving the cooperative goals set by the stakeholders.

How curbside enforcement solutions help you achieve your goals

Enforcement of TNCs and Last Mile Operators

Micro-mobility operators are proliferating in metropolises all over the world. And as cities are discovering, curbs tend to be governed by similar rules to parking. It is essential to regulate business activities so the curb can continue to serve in a multitude of ways for commercial deliveries, pick-up and drop-off points, ride-hailing, pedestrian thoroughfares, bike lanes, and the list continues to grow.

Our e-ticketing enforcement software can be configured to support this new brand of curbside enforcement. 

Issue an e-ticket directly to an operator. Scan the scooter or e-bike ID code and an electronic invoice can be generated and emailed directly to the operator or processed through our back office system.

As ride-hailing becomes the new normal, regulations are being adopted by cities to help stave congestion. Initiatives such as dedicated zones are now a part of urban planning strategies. With our licence plate recognition system, capture plates and invoice directly to TNCs for non-compliance according to the business rules in place for regulating TNCs in your city.

Predictive Technology

Real-time data is invaluable because it provides timely insights which can help refine officer activity. Using real-time data, your city can leverage valuable information around usage, parking availability, and parking trends that can allow you to provide better service to citizens.   

Our business intelligence tool provides predictive enforcement metrics to help your officers identify areas where enforcement is needed based on historical trends. Our BI tools can also provide your team with space usage and availability to help ensure that you maximize value by managing curb demand.

Large Cities

Large Cities

gtechna software is a cost-effective way to streamline a large city’s parking and traffic citations processes. With automated license plate recognition, officers can spend less time ticketing and have more time to protect and serve.

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Mid-sized Cities

Mid-sized Cities

Cutting edge parking technology isn’t just for vast metropolises. Create a convenient and modern user experience in your mid-sized city with gtechna enforcement solutions.

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Small Cities

Small Cities

Whether your small city’s population remains steady year-round or fluctuates with the seasons, gtechna’s enforcement solutions can help you make the most of limited parking resources.

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Parking Authorities

Parking Authorities

gtechna Parking makes the most of your agency’s assets and provides a streamlined experience for officers and customers with cloud-based parking rights, citations, and payments.

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