Who is gtechna for?

Organizations across North America trust gtechna software because it streamlines the enforcement process from end to end.

From time-saving electronic citations with license plate recognition software to easy online payments for customers, gtechna makes your parking management process futureproof.

 Solutions customized to meet your organization’s needs

Enforcement activities can be complicated, but with gtechna, they don’t have to be. Our line of enforcement software streamlines the activities that tend to drain your organizations resources and slow you down.

Police Departments

With built in license plate recognition integration, gtechna mobile Police Ticketing helps officers enforce traffic laws and issue citations more efficiently.

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Managing people and their vehicles, especially in critical emergency situations, requires solutions that are reliable and consistent. gtechna gives you the tools to provide a stress-free best-in-class user experience for your visitors and patients. gtechna provides frictionless solutions to manage your lots so that you can focus on what matters—delivering the best possible health services to those in need.

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Parking Authorities

gtechna Parking makes the most of your agency’s assets and provides a streamlined experience for officers and customers with cloud-based parking rights, citations, and payments.

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Private Operators

We provide a complete integrated solution with feature-rich modules that can be enlisted to meet your off-street needs for lots and garages. From the most sophisticated to simple in-out access control, our gateless solutions—or gate assisted integration—are optimized for inventory, digital signage, payment and enforcement to maximize compliance, eliminate congestion and increase turnover for a highly functional and efficient property.

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We recognize the important role first and last mile transportation service plays in emerging smart cities. Transportation Demand Management is essential in today’s growing metropolises and providing viable alternatives also means providing strategies to determine where to put vehicles and how best to move people in an efficient manner. gtechna has worked with world-class transportation agencies from coast to coast including Toronto and Seattle to bring its renowned solutions for parking, ticket fare issuance and appeals and adjudication to these agencies.

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Universities and Colleges

gtechna is the right parking management provider for university and college campuses. We’re experts at designing custom solutions that integrate our modern, scalable software with the infrastructure you currently have. Seamless integration with your existing infrastructure makes gtechna Parking ideal for the university campus. Even high-volume enforcement is easy to manage with built-in license plate recognition.

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The evolving role of parking enforcement in curbside management

The curb real estate is now in high demand and is at the centre of discussions around mobility and sustainability in urban areas.

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