Frictionless Parking Enforcement

Frictionless Parking Enforcement

There is a trend toward cities embracing ‘Frictionless’ technologies that eliminate a lot of the manual processes that can make parking cumbersome for motorists. What does frictionless encompass? It typically includes a roster of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms to manage all aspects of parking from parking locators to mobile payments. In addition, cashless kiosks, digital permits, digital signage as well as parking guidance systems, fit the bill. All of these advancements have proven to be significant disruptors permanently changing how we park. The subject of enforcement, however, is conspicuously left out when discussing frictionless. Let’s reinsert enforcement into the narrative by first asking why it is usually left out of the conversation in the first place.

Enforcement is typically not associated with providing a ‘customer service’ in conventional terms; therefore, it is not top-of-mind when discussing the subject of frictionless parking technology. However, in the context of improving efficiency, there are many ways which enforcement might be considered part of the frictionless parking experience, and indeed, a service to citizens.

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