Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Going digital has changed almost every aspect of life as we know it both in how it impacts our daily lives and how we do business. Private companies have typically been early adopters of technology.

The public sector has had to tread more cautiously. Government agencies are often behind their private-sector counterparts in adopting new digital ways of working due to unique procurement processes as well as privacy and security concerns which rightly take precedence.

However, now that citizens around the world engage with technology in all aspects of their daily lives, governments are facing increased pressure to become Smart cities, replacing legacy systems to facilitate their digital transformations.

Moving to more automated and efficient solutions to managing cities and municipalities is allowing cities to offer unprecedented levels of services to citizens that help address environmental initiatives, transportation equity, economic stimulation and population growth to name a few all while increasing financial performance. However, going digital has also brought with it risks related to cybercrime which has been on the rise. This new reality requires that measures be in place to safeguard against vulnerabilities inherent to the information economy.

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