Ticket Processing

gtechna’s ticket processing system manages the entire parking citation lifecycle providing ticket ageing, late notices, and fees capabilities. Our system can interface with DMV to obtain driver information, registration holds, as well as court systems for adjudication.

Administration is a time-consuming and often cumbersome reality but it’s also unavoidable. This form of ‘busy work’ can quickly burn through budgets—but it doesn’t have to, with strategic investment in smart technology. Fortunately, there are labor-saving ticket processing tools from the moment of ticket issuance through reconciliation. gtechna Ticket Processing is intelligent software that can be turned on, right out of the box. Allocate your resources to what matters—serving your customers.

Ticket processing is arranged into five components corresponding to the lifecycle of the ticket. Each module works in concert with the other for a seamless workflow throughout the entire ticket lifecycle.

DMV – Get vehicle owner information from the local DMV and match it to parking tickets.

  • Electronic access point for sending letters and court processing
  • Secure online interface between your ticket issuance operation and local DMV
  • Can initiate collections processes such drivers license blocks

Ageing – Track the lifespan of unpaid tickets and update their status at every stage.

The management of the Ageing process is entirely automated with no need for user interaction.

Late Notice and Fees – Systematically escalate tickets status after each milestone.

  • Late notices and any associated late fees are mailed to the vehicle owner.
  • Increase fines for repeated violations.
  • The system also allows for fallback infractions in the case of violations.
  • Fine-tune to rules for special zones and events.

Letters – Standardize and easily customize mail-outs and eliminate clerical tasks.

  • The generation of the letters works in concert with the other modules.
  • Sends letters automatically to reduce clerical work for a city’s courts.

Courts/Appeals – Customer convenience is critical.

Providing a good user experience, even in less desirable circumstances will ensure the success of your collections program. The Courts and Appeals module is designed to create a frictionless web-based experience so that citizens have every tool at their disposal to contest the ticket. City staff can easily review and deliberate in a timely and effective manner. Easy access for defendant to contest tickets through a web-based user friendly interface. Portal allows user to include pictures and documents to further help clerk review the ticket. Easily review all the information of an appeal to take a decision.

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Pay by Plate Enforcement

Pay by Plate Enforcement

The future is now. An eCitations solution that is fully integrated with pay by plate has arrived.

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