Stealth Alerts

Adding gtechna Real-Time Stealth Alerts to your existing enforcement system enables easy two-way information sharing between parking enforcement and police agencies. It’s simple: a plate scan or parking transaction on a vehicle of interest triggers a real-time alert to police.

Supercharge safety with Real-Time Stealth Alerts

Implementing Stealth Alerts is a smart, simple way to enhance the safety of your city. It allows you to boost the value of your existing parking infrastructure while remaining quick to implement and extremely cost-effective.

Create a safer city instantly

gtechna Stealth Alerts integrates seamlessly with the enforcement solutions you already have in place and is completely automated. That means there’s little setup time and no officer pre-training required to get started.

Optimize resources to cover more ground

Automating communication between police and parking enforcement with Stealth Alerts lets you harness your existing infrastructure to more easily enforce warrants, locate missing persons, and identify vehicles of interest. Because the solution relies on automatic license plate recognition (LPR), parking enforcement officers stay out of harm’s way and police officers gain extra “eyes”.

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The Challenges of Pay by Plate

The Challenges of Pay by Plate

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