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2429 Military Rd #300, Buffalo, NY 14304, USA

General : 1 866 483-2462

Sales:  866-308-2430

24/7 Support: 1-877-388-6730


7075, Place Robert Joncas suite M101, Montreal, QC, Canada H4M 2Z2

General: 514 953-9898

Sales: 866-308-2430

24/7 Support: 1-877-388-6730

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Lucy Uvacikova

Enforcement Solutions Advisor

1-866-308-2430 x 5423

Mike Bourre

VP of Sales and Marketing

866-308-2430 ext 5276

Michel Cousineau

Enforcement Solutions Advisor

Quebec Operations

866-308-2430 Ext 5278

Sgt. (Ret)’ James Olivieri , CD

Enforcement Solutions Advisor, East Coast Operations

866-308-2430 Ext 5268

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