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When you become a client at gtechna, you become part of our team and family. With over 25 years of experience founded by two university friends in 1992, gtechna began as a modest tech startup and has grown into an award-winning enterprise software provider with 100+ clients. We’re proud of our relationships with our legacy clients and excited to welcome aboard new ones.

Pay by Plate in Pittsburgh

The Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh (PPAP) decided to upgrade their parking system to modern pay-by-license plate technology. gtechna and Cale America were selected to take care of the complete implementation.

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Norwalk’s Smart City Vision

Norwalk, located in the Gold Coast region of Connecticut, has a population of 88,438 residents. The city manages parking through a parking authority that is structured as an enterprise fund, self-sufficient, operating with no taxpayer money, all through revenues collected through parking fees, leases and other parking authority related fees.

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Pay by Phone in Galveston

Galveston is a shining example of putting convenience and customers first. Using gtechna’s real-time enforcement solutions to provide grace periods to tourists and residents, and interfaces with mobile payment technology and kiosks, Norwalk has optimized the parking experience along its Seawall.

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Deerfield Beach, Florida

The parking enforcement division of Deerfield Beach, Florida was faced a good problem to solve—accommodating growth in their town. Along with that growth came the increased need for easier and more efficient parking—both on water and on land.

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Washington DC

Serving the Nation’s Capital with 5.3 million inhabitants, the D.C. DPW – Parking Enforcement and Management (PEMA) Administration handles one of the highest volumes of parking in the United States.

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City of Westmount

In recent years, Westmount noticed that the limited parking spots available, as well as construction in the area, were deterring potential customers from shopping in the area. The City decided to take the challenge head-on by implementing the first on-street pay-by-plate parking management system in Canada.

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Metrolinx Transit, Toronto and Greater Toronto

Metrolinx, one of the largest transportation agencies in North America, accomplished a complete overhaul to enforcement by consolidating its enforcement system with the gtechna ticketing solution. Not only was Metrolinx moving to a completely digital solution, it was adopting a new adjudication model to give the agency more control over the enforcement and management process. gtechna was there at every step to meet business requirements for its parking model, ticket fare enforcement model, as well as its appeals and adjudication components.

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Gtechna Goes International: Wilson, Australia

Wilson has evaluated the market leaders in electronic ticket issuance and management, selecting gtechna for its flexibility and experience with large organizations such as Washington D.C., Seattle, and VinciPark.

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Montreal Police Case Study

Serving the entire island of Montreal with 1,800,000 inhabitants, the Montreal Police Service (SPVM) is the second largest municipal police force in Canada. The SPVM is a first-degree responder for the community, and its responsibilities include protecting the lives and property of citizens, maintaining peace and public security, preventing and combating crime, and enforcing laws and regulations including parking ordinances.

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