Managing people and their vehicles, especially, in critical emergency situations, requires solutions that are reliable and consistent. gtechna gives you the tools to provide a stress-free best-in-class user experience for your visitors and patients. gtechna provides frictionless solutions to manage your lots so that you can focus on what matters, delivering the best possible health services to those in need.

Why Medical Facilities Choose gtechna

Medical facilities rely on gtechna to develop effective solutions for managing your lots so you can focus on taking care of those in need.

Fast Access When it Counts

gtechna provides several parking solution options for medical facilities, whether permits and tolerances for physicians and staff, other long-term parking options for patients and family members, as well short-term options such as plate and space-based payment systems.

Optimizing Your Lot Usage

Dashboard reporting with large multiple lots puts power in the hands of your parking staff to better enforce where needed. Spaces in medical facilities are critical assets. Our tools help you ensure availability while increasing turnover and reducing congestion.

Smart Data Management

Empower your parking staff by giving them the tools needed to keep a bird’s-eye view on lots. Manage and improve space occupancy and provide occupancy information to your visitors so they can find a space and get to their loved ones without hassle.

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