Police Ticketing

The easiest way to maintain safe roadways. Reduce resource strain by helping officers enforce traffic laws and issue citations more efficiently. License plate recognition software (LPR) helps officers check 500% more plates per shift.

Do more with less by using an electronic citations solutions. Issue tickets electronically from countless mobile devices— Smartphone, tablet, ruggedized handheld, tablet, or laptop. gtechna’s eticketing software streamlines the citation process with modern and simple user interface, to capture vehicle and owner information rapidly and error free. Tickets can be printed within seconds via a Bluetooth printer and data transferred in real-time for reporting and administration.

gtechna Police ticketing integrates seamlessly with license plate recognition.

No transfers to multiple systems—Less court time contesting citations with Error AutoCorrection and electronic evidence—Time saved by eliminating repetitive tasks. Experience best-in-class software with drop menus, tabbed navigation, and GIS-mapping to auto-fill location information. gtechna eticket software, frees up your fleet’s time to cover more ground per shift while still maintaining accuracy and precision.

Handheld License Plate Recognition on Your Mobile Device

Take advantage our built-in optical character recognition on handheld devices to speed up data capture, and leverage our industry unique Error AutoCorrection artificial intelligence, empowering your officer with unprecedented error-proof technology. Watch your team’s productivity increase and reduce contested tickets, helping you reach new performance milestones in your traffic enforcement program.

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Vehicle-Mount License Plate Recognition Cameras

License Plate Recognition leverages automation to streamline traffic surveillance. Multiply police presence with vehicle-mounted LPR cameras that scan motorist license plates, instantly recognizing stolen vehicles and vehicles associated with arrest warrants, AMBER alerts, and more.

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License Plate Recognition Vehicle to Handheld Bridge

The gtechna License Plate Recognition Vehicle to Handheld Bridge fills the gap between vehicle LPR and your officer’s handheld device to address the real-world needs of modern enforcement agencies.

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Android Fact Sheet

Android Fact Sheet

As endusers expect their work devices and applications to look and function like personal devices, application developers have recently begun looking for viable alternatives. Google® Android™ is being watched closely, due to its popularity in the consumer smartphone market to enhance the user experience.

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