We support more than just Pay by Plate: we are about all types of enforcement.

Video Transcript
  • (0:0:09 )Hello my name is Mike Bourre, VP of Sales & Marketing at gtechna.
  • (0:16 )A lot of times people come to me and ask if gtechna is only about pay by plate.
  • (0:21 )Of course the answer is we are not just about pay by plate, we are about all types of enforcement.
  • (0:27 )We do enforcement for pay by space, pay and display, pay by plate, it does not really matter.
  • (0:35 )One of the things that we are seeing on the market place is that of course a lot of things are going towards pay by plate but a lot of cities already have pay by space infrastructure, pay and display infrastructure; We enforce all of that and actually we can enforce that whole patchwork of different types of infrastructures because we know at the end of the day that in a city that has multiple technologies you can’t just change the technology that way.
  • (1:01 )There will be a migration towards pay by plate.
  • (1:05 )Knowing that, I want to make sure that everyone out there knows that we are the best at pay by plate but we also enforce all those other solutions.
  • (1:15 )Thank you.
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