Hello Parking World! gtechna shares news and current events on its parking news program “The Round Up”.
On this edition: New Partner Integrations, The Challenges of Pay by Plate and more.

Video Transcript
  • (0:09 )Welcome to the first edition of the Roundup. I'm Marina Pasin, your host and I'm the Marketing Coordinator here at gtechna.
  • (0:15 )The RoundUp is part of a video blog series that we’ll be providing throughout the year aimed at educating and sharing best practices with our customers, partners and parking professionals.
  • (0:25 )In this series you will get pro tips covering a large amount of bleeding edge technologies that are changing the landscape of the parking industry as we speak.
  • (0:35 )These technologies include:Android – parking and moving violations,Targeted Enforcement,Handheld License Plate Recognition,Permit Sharing, Visitor Monitoring,Integration with pay by phone and pay terminals,Code/Parking and Permit Enforcement Integration,PlateCheck pay by plate error proofing algorithms, and much more.
  • (0.55 )We just launched a new special mini series: “Turnkey Parking Essentials for the Parking Professional”. You can learn more by going on our website and look out for “Your Guide to Pay by Plate Success” on our blog section.
  • (1:08 )We want to make life easier for you which is why our mission is to offer you fully integrated parking solutions. One stop; one solution. Full integration.
  • (1:17 )We want to eliminate the technology patchwork that can make running a hi-tech parking operation a challenge.
  • (1:22 )This means teaming up with best-in-class companies to bring you the best possible solutions.
  • (1:28 )We’re always listening to our customers and the parking community building new relationships that will accommodate your business rules.
  • (1:35 )Here are the latest innovators that we support.
  • (1:38 )Passport Parking: Passport is a payment processing company specializing in integrated urban mobility solutions for parking and transit agencies to manage operations more effectively and better serve their customers. Passport’s mobile payment systems are deployed throughout the US and Canada.
  • (1:58 )Mackay Meters: MacKay Meters is a recognized world leader in the parking control business. MacKay has gained global recognition by providing innovative products such as durable single-space meters and accessories, modular multi-space pay stations or meter management software.
  • (2:17 )In addition, we’re pleased to announce an official partnership with Samsung Electronics. gtechna is an official Samsung Enterprise Alliance Partner (SEAP) which allows for our research & development teams to build you real-world Android™ applications using the latest mobile technologies.
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