Episode 9: How Pay by Plate Works

Video Transcript
  • (0:05 )I usually pay when I park my car, always at the meter.
  • (0:09 )So I got a meeting, I got to my meeting, I walk up.
  • (0:13 )If my meeting gets extended somehow for whatever reason, I have to top up my transaction.
  • (0:21 )The good thing is I have a smartphone, I’ll run it, my plates are already on the systems, and I will add more time to my session.
  • (0:31 )The transaction as a parker that I used on the meter and on my phone end up on what we call a server.
  • (0:39 )The handhelds or the vehicle operators or officers have direct access in real time if my vehicle plate is paid or unpaid.
  • (0:49 )If it is not paid, I will probably get a ticket within 20-25 seconds.
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