Episode 3: Galveston TX Case Study

Video Transcript
  • (0:05 )The customer decided that they had to go with Pay by Plate technology but without any meters.
  • (0:12 )It was a challenge for them. Usually, Pay by Plate requires meters and also Pay by Phone and they kind of work together, but this was a little more special, very unique.
  • (0:21 )The Seawall in Galveston had to be protected; they cannot cut or drill anything in that infrastructure.
  • (0:29 )So you are probably asking: How does a customer pay for parking if they don’t have a phone?
  • (0:34 )They solved it: There are convenient stores along the complete Seawall where they can buy their parking sessions.
  • (0:41 )Now for the enforcement guys, they have nice tough SUV cars mounted with LPR technology and when they drive down the road, the Seawall, they pick up in real time if a plate is actually paid or unpaid.
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