Episode 14: Android Operating System & Parking Enforcement


The Final Episode of The Challenges of Pay by Plate Series!

Video Transcript
  • (0:05 )It’s been 4 years our application has been in production.
  • (0:09 )The e-ticketing platform is so solid, so stable; it’s amazing how easy it is for the officer.
  • (0:15 )The experience for an officer to have a one form, scroll down the sections of the form, fill out the form, take pictures on the same form, and click on print to get what we call a fast ticket on the mobile printer.
  • (0:29 )Android OS is the best way for e-ticketing today.
  • (0:32 )You pick the device, you can go industrial, you can go consumer device, and you can add enterprise lockers to protect your Officers from using other applications.
  • (0:42 )We are so proud that our customers and new customer can get to use the e-ticketing system on the Android platform.
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