Handheld License Plate Recognition is a feature offered on Android Smartphones running eCitation software provided by gtechna Learn more about What Mike, our VP of Sales and Marketing, has to say about it in, well a bit more than 30 seconds.

Video Transcript
  • (0:18 )Almost everyone has heard of vehicle mounted LPR and how that is very efficient at reading plates, but now we have a nice way, a lower cost method to be able to read the license plate. Something that is unique and new in the market place.
  • (0:37 )As you can see here this is an Android phone. We have added to our ticketing solution a handheld LPR, so if I enable here our handheld LPR and just go and switch the LPR function on, I can actually read this plate and it reads that it is unpaid and read the plate correctly.
  • (1:03 )It is a new way to be able to enforce pay by plate systems.
  • (1:08 )Also, a lot of people ask well that is nice to do LPR on handheld but what about the battery life?
  • (1:24 )Good question! Here is an alternative: This is a Note 3 smartphone with a zero lemon battery it gives 4 times the battery capacity, so if you are wondering what about battery life, that is not an issue.
  • (1:39 )Also something that is new on the market, the new Panasonic rugged Android smartphone it is full Mil-Spec so if someone is worried about temperature or rain, very cold weather or very warm weather, also not a problem.
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