Large cities

gtechna software is a cost-effective way to streamline a large city’s parking and traffic citations processes. With automated license plate recognition, officers can spend less time ticketing and have more time to protect and serve.

Why Large Cities Choose gtechna

Cities like yours trust gtechna to take on their parking solution challenges.

Avoid the Technology Patchwork

Many large cities end up with a patchwork of systems that don’t talk to one another. We help you build a solution that consolidates your existing technology under one unified platform.

Well Organized Parking is the Backbone of a City

We have an experienced team capable of assessing and deploying technologies to help you to reach your objectives; from increased tourism, bids to bring in new industry, encouraging local business, attracting citizens to the downtown district, transportation demand management, and adaptive reuse programs, our solutions can be fine-tuned to assist you in realizing your goals.

Plan a Roadmap to Transition to New Technology at Your Pace

Adopting a new parking solution doesn’t happen overnight. With our experienced experts, we can help you implement a transition play to bring you to where you want to be without breaking the bank. Hybrid technologies and our centralized parking rights server allow cities to systematically bring new technology into the fold while using the same platform.

25 years of Bringing Successful Parking Operations to Major US Cities and Beyond

For many years our team has helped major US cities like Washington DC and Pittsburgh evolve into world leaders in parking innovation. An expert in integration, working with multiple departments, and dealing with complex business rules, our team has helped cities unify operations and reach new heights in efficiency.

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