Digital Chalking: A New Option to Old-hat Practices

Digital Chalking: A New Option to Old-hat Practices

Recently, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, in a ground-breaking ruling, declared that marking a vehicle’s tires to collect information is a form of trespass requiring a warrant. While chalking is a tried and true method for enforcing parking used successfully for decades, the confluence of technology and policy may soon give rise to alternatives that are more efficient in helping improve parking operations.

While the changes are not occurring due to a technological imperative, policy is poised to align itself with technology.

The impact of the new ruling is causing some cities to cease enforcing time limit zones altogether causing a significant disruption to enforcement practices. While perhaps, not ideal, broaching the subject now is good timing because technology exists that can provide an alternative solution. Chalking has been integral to turnover which is key to financial performance; it supports local businesses and reduces congestion. From this perspective, chalking is not something that agencies can afford to leave off the table.

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