Vehicle License Plate Recognition

Cover more ground with vehicle mount automated license plate recognition (LPR) technology. With LPR, officers can monitor more plates per shift and use our real-time communication to share data with other officers based on the nearest GPS location for targeted enforcement.

Vehicle License Plate Recognition

Vehicle License Plate Recognition for Parking

You’re already considering switching to a Smart Parking Solution? Enhance it with License Plate Recognition (LPR). LPR brings your performance to another level. Organize your fleet into a team of vehicles that do sweeps sending alerts to foot officers nearest the zone where enforcement is required. Covering several zones in a shift just got easier with License Plate Recognition.

Vehicle License Plate Recognition for Police

Improve public safety initiatives

License Plate Recognition leverages automation to streamline traffic surveillance. Multiply your police force with vehicle-mounted LPR devices that scan license plates as officers drive, instantly recognizing stolen vehicles and vehicles associated with arrest warrants, AMBER alerts, and more.

Better collaboration means safer streets

gtechna LPR for Traffic software supports seamless data sharing between police and parking agencies. Improved collaboration brings city agencies together around a common goal—safety—and puts existing data to better use.

Extreme efficiency

Vehicle-mounted LPR cameras help dramatically increase stolen vehicle and scofflaw interceptions without increasing your force. Officers can scan up to 8,000 plates per shift simply by driving their usual routes.

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