Permit Enforcement

gtechna Permit software eliminates the need for a physical permits system by providing streamlined virtual permitting issuance and enforcement tools for officers, as well as online purchasing for citizens.

Customers can easily obtain permits from any computer or mobile device through a user-friendly permit customer portal.

Permit Enforcement

Keep it Simple with Digital Permit Software

gtechna Permit software streamlines the entire permitting process by replacing frustrating paperwork with an easy-to-use online portal. You’ll save money and administration time, and can rest assured that every customer transaction is 100% PCI compliant.

Easy, paperless administration

With VirtuPermit, permit registration is hosted through your city’s website. That means customers can directly upload proof of residence, identification, and vehicle information without any in-person paperwork. Permit also eliminates the need for physical hangtags, decals, and paper permits, saving you significant money on printing and supplies.

Parking Rights Gateway

The permit system is fully integrated with the gtechna parking rights database, a key component of our eticketing web application. Permit data can be found alongside multiple types of parking rights for real-time verification and enforcement.

Handheld and Vehicle License Plate Recognition (LPR) Integration

As a force multiplier, vehicle-mounted LPR can greatly improve coverage. Vehicle LPR can cover immense swaths of territory which means many zones, including permit zones, can be effectively enforced, while handheld LPR further automates the plate verification process for foot officers.

Targeted Enforcement

Permits can be verified by an LPR vehicle which can capture up to 1000 vehicles an hour. An alert can be dispatched to an officer located in the nearest permit zone. Flagged vehicles can be ticketed by the vehicle or handheld LPR unit, should the plate not have permit credentials attached to it for that zone.

Multiple Types Parking Rights from the Same Application

Permitted vehicles are included in the parking rights database with other plate-based transactions including pay-by-plate pay stations and pay-by-cell, so that officers can enforce multiple types of parking rights from the same application. Permits are stored on gtechna’s Parking Rights server, preventing tickets from being issued in error to valid permit holders.

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The Challenges of Pay by Plate

The Challenges of Pay by Plate

Exploring Concepts and Challenges in Functionality, Compatibility and Deployment when considering moving to a pay-by-plate solution.

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