Parking Rights Server

Our cloud-based parking rights server is configured to fully integrate with any payment technology—both mobile and pay station—and can host parking rights from multiple systems from pay-by-space to pay-by-plate, as well as long and short-term permits. Tolerances, exceptions, scofflaws and vehicles of interest are attached to vehicle data which can be queried in real-time. All queries and communications are protected and fail-safed with our Error Correction Artificial Intelligence to ensure 99% accuracy and 24/7 uptime.

Parking Rights are at the heart of any parking operation. How they are managed and secured is of the utmost importance. That’s why we strictly adhere to best practices and have adopted a world-class infrastructure to ensure that your operation runs smoothly around the clock.

From pay-by-plate, pay-by-space or permits, to special tolerances and exceptions, your operations are safeguarded with our real-time technology and artificial intelligence to ensure an error-free user experience for your staff and customers. With fast, secure, and hassle-free implementation, gtechna Error Correction and mission critical Parking Rights delivers a complete, cloud-based solution for parking enforcement and management all across North America. gtechna supports any mix of pay-by-plate, pay-by-space, and parking zone transactions with ease. With 99.99% uptime, maximum detectability, and secured transactions, gtechna’s Parking Rights solution helps to maximize productivity as well as revenue.

Technology Solutions in Real-Time

Using geo-redundancy to guarantee high availability and optimal operational performance, gtechna has no single point of failure, which offers seamless, always-on connectivity to parking enforcement officers. Plus, gtechna allows easy integration with more than 30 payment providers.

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Parking Enforcement Then and Now ebook

Parking Enforcement Then and Now ebook

On a late summer Tuesday morning, Rev. C.H. North, pastor of the Third Pentecostal Holiness Church in Oklahoma City decided to drive downtown to buy a few things from the hardware store.

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