Online Payments

Streamline the collections process and lower your administrative costs by giving customers a convenient way to pay on the go.

Online Payment System is an all-in-one portal that helps citizens view, pay and appeal tickets online. Online Payment portal easily integrates with the third-party payment vendors you already use to facilitate fast and secure online ticket payments. Full PCI-DSS compliance means every transaction is protected from fraud, identity theft, and other potential breaches. The Online Payment portal makes collections painless for you and your end users. It eliminates tedious paperwork to increase back-office productivity and gives your customers full control over where and when parking payments are made.

A better ticket payment process for you and your customers

Online Payment seamlessly integrates with your eCitation database and third-party payment processing, speeding up ticket resolution and providing a modern payment experience for customers.

Lighten your administrative load

Online Payments is a win-win solution: it enables your staff to focus on more important, value-add tasks and gives customers choice and control. The easy-to-use Online Payment system eliminates excessive paperwork and redistributes much of the work of payment administration to customers.

Increase collection rates

The simplest way to increase your collection rates is to remove as many barriers as possible for your customers. With Online Payments, you give customers the freedom to make payments at their convenience—on the computer, on a mobile phone, or on the go.

Public Convenience

The convenience factor of an easy-to-use interface facilitates parker compliance and in the end decreases probability of citizens incurring additional fines for unpaid tickets. While receiving a ticket in and of itself may not be ideal, a well-designed user interface can significantly reduce the potential friction.

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The Challenges of Pay by Plate

The Challenges of Pay by Plate

Exploring Concepts and Challenges in Functionality, Compatibility and Deployment when considering moving to a pay-by-plate solution.

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