On-Street Parking Enforcement

Make the most of your agency’s assets with our intelligent end-to-end parking enforcement solutions. Mobile Android and in-vehicle ticketing, cloud-based parking rights, and online payments provide a streamlined experience for both officers and customers.

gtechna Parking eCitations software solutions unify the “patchwork” of technologies that have come to define a myriad of ways a parker can acquire parking rights. gtechna on-street parking enforcement software harnesses efficiency enhancers including pay-by-plate, real-time enforcement, and license plate recognition, to enforce and manage the complex set of business rules that often accompany parking systems.
With an onslaught of technology options such as smartphones, tablets, wireless printing technologies, and innovations in the way parkers can acquire parking rights via phone or smart pay station, staying on top of the best methods to achieve maximum productivity has been our mandate in order to offer the best solution for today’s business challenges.

360 Degree Integration to Provide you with Comprehensive World-Class Solution

Our engineers have developed best-in-class intelligent enforcement software and gtechna is proud to deliver seamless integrations with other technologies that are a part of your solution. Our team is expert at bringing together technology successfully so you can focus on delivering the best service possible to your customers.

Vehicle License Plate Recognition

You’re already considering switching to a Smart Parking Solution? Enhance it with License Plate Recognition (LPR). LPR brings your performance to another level. Organize your fleet into a team of vehicles that perform sweeps sending alerts to foot officers nearest the zone where enforcement is required. Covering several zones in a shift just got easier with License Plate recognition.

Learn more about Vehicle License Plate Recognition

Handheld License Plate Recognition on Your Mobile Device

Take advantage our built-in optical character recognition on handheld devices to speed up data capture and avoid error-prone manual data entry.

Learn more about Handheld License Plate Recognition

Bicycle-Mount License Plate Recognition

Bicycle-Mount LPR is a less costly ultra-mobile alternative to the Vehicle License Plate Recognition solutions while still allowing your team to cover more ground than a foot officer.

Learn more about Bicycle-Mount License Plate Recognition

Advanced Timing and Digital Chalking

gtechna Advanced Timing and Digital Chalking solutions help transform traditional time zone management into a truly efficient parking enforcement option. Forget cumbersome data entry: with Advanced Timing and Digital Chalking features, officers can simply use their handheld device to capture geo-tags, time stamps, and even create photographic evidence quickly and easily. Digital Valve Stem mapping eliminates the need for chalk and reduces parker cheating. Additionally, with license plate recognition, plate numbers and civic addresses are recorded automatically.

Easy Data Entry Reduces Errors and Saves Time

With FasTime™ Automatic Mode and the streamlined workflow provided by AutoZone™ gtechna’s Advanced Timing and Digital Chalking creates accurate records in a fraction of the time. Plate based enforcement decreases human and machine error, and better use of technology equals increased compliance.

Automation and Real-Time Data Sharing

gtechna’s Advanced Timing and Digital Chalking solution means officers can cover more ground in less time, thus, issue more tickets and increase revenues. Meanwhile, shared timing allows officers to make the most of their shift, or carry timings over to the next shift without data loss.

Stay in the Zone

Avoid the typical challenges associated with varying business rules and parking zones with AutoZone™. Officers can easily determine the zoning rules, while the system calculates fines and populates ticket fields based on GPS location.

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