Heat Maps

gtechna TruView™ Heat Maps give you a real-world view of your parking data to help you benchmark, map officer activity,and identify parking patterns.

gtechna Heat Maps gives you a real-world view of your parking data to help you map officer activity and identify parking patterns. Heat Maps uses GIS-mapping location coordinates to pinpoint parking events including ticket issuances, License Plate Recognition events, shared License Plate Recognition timings, smartphone timings, scofflaw events for tow and boot operators, and gap reports on inactive officers. In a single click, parking managers, supervisors, and coordinators can get a comprehensive view of all activity, or drill down for a more detailed analysis.

Enforce Smart with Heat Maps

Managing ticket data can be complex and quality reporting is an invaluable tool for administrators. gtechna’s Heat Maps helps you maintain the delicate balance between quality of service, productivity, and profitability.

A Goldmine of Data

Uncover hidden patterns, correlations, trends, and other valuable information at a glance with gtechna’s Heat Maps. Stay informed about past data while identifying patterns from predictive analysis to make informed decisions for future success.

360° Operational View

With the bird’s-eye view Heat Maps provides, you can easily visualize causal and correlative relationships, calculate true value, map behaviours, and observe supply and demand patterns to make informed business decisions.

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The Challenges of Pay by Plate

The Challenges of Pay by Plate

Exploring Concepts and Challenges in Functionality, Compatibility and Deployment when considering moving to a pay-by-plate solution.

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