Error Correction Artificial Intelligence

Stop errors before they start. PlateCheck™ and FinalCheck™ use complex algorithms to ensure data integrity and autocorrect errors before they become a problem. Digital checks and balances safeguard against common ticketing errors.

Unprecedented Artificial Intelligence for Parking Enforcement that Puts Your Customers First

Stop Errors Before They Start

Plate Check

Transcription and transposition snafus can be caused by both human and machine error.

Whether a plate number is entered incorrectly by your customer, an enforcement officer, or a license plate recognition misread, Plate Check is an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that uses machine learning to detect and correct these errors.

Occasionally we all make mistakes; Plate Check ensures your customers never pay for them.

Final Check

When the ‘issue ticket’ button is pressed on your Android eTicket application, Final Check is triggered. Final Check does just that, it makes one last query in case your customer has topped off their parking session as it is expiring. It gives them one last chance before the officer issues a ticket. If the session gets topped of, Final Check will prevent the ticket from being issued. Timing is everything and Final Check helps you give every opportunity possible to your customers before issuing a citation.


System latency can impact accuracy when an officer is checking for parking rights. Auto-Correct addresses latency by cross-checking the time-stamp attached to a ticket against any recorded latency incidents. Should a ticket have been issued during this latency window, the system will automatically remove the ticket.


Should a pay-by-plate zone go down, Out-of-Communication is a failsafe mechanism that will automatically display a status of ‘Paid’ for any vehicle parked in the affected zone. It ensures that regardless of what may be occurring behind the scenes, the customer will never receive a ticket as the result of network communication issues.

Error Auto-Correction – A Great User Experience for Your Customers

Error Auto-Correction is an essential part of the Smart Parking equation, allowing you to prioritize the needs of your customer. Smart City can mean different things to different cities depending upon their objectives. However, first and foremost it is about creating an environment of convenience and improving the quality of life of citizens through technology.

Improve Compliance – Impressive KPIs Boost Your Performance and Department’s Reputation

Error Auto-Correction has been engineered with your KPIs and performance objectives in mind. Error Auto-Correction is the quintessential tool to realize compliance goals by helping your team ramp-up on efficiency. Fine-tuning your parking operation leads to higher confidence levels and positive perception by superiors and stakeholders, and increases overall public satisfaction and buy-in of new technology.

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Metrolinx Case Study

Metrolinx Case Study

Metrolinx has invested significantly in the expansion of its transit system which serves the Metro and Greater Toronto area, providing transportation services to more than 7 million residents across 11,000 square kilometers – Canada’s largest and among North America’s most rapidly growing.

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