Code by Law Enforcement

Unprecedented Artificial Intelligence for Parking Enforcement that Puts Your Customers First

Why go electronic? Health and Safety, Nuisance Control and Consumer Protection are just a few of the reasons why bylaws exist. So, it’s important to equip bylaw offers with the tools needed to effectively go about ensuring bylaws are upheld. However the sheer volume of bylaws can make this task a challenge, particularly when using a manual solution.

Configurable for Any Bylaw

From pet licensing, to food trucks permits, to display fireworks, cities require numerous bylaws to help maintain order. This means typically hundreds of bylaws need to be managed efficiently to track and enforce them successfully.

Enforce with Precision

Whether issuing a ticket to an individual directly or mailing after the fact, electronic code enforcement allows offers to deliver fast, accurate, and error-free enforcement.

Key Benefits

  • Generates additional revenue due to increased ticket volume, reduces rejection rate in courts—manifold improvements in accuracy and efficiency with no and dramatically increased collection rate.
  • Cost Savings (human capital) – Minimal number of staff needed to handle processing of files.
  • Improves living standards by encouraging citizens to conduct themselves safely and responsibly.


  • More coverage per shift – Officers have more time to proactively cover zones and respond to additional complaints from municipal systems such as 311. Eliminates errors due to manual entry of wrong information, incomplete ticket, illegibility etc.
  • Time savings in the field – Officers are able to complete tickets fast and accurately, improving overall job performance.
  • Time savings back at the office – No need to transcribe information from multiple databases and attached photos to corresponding files. Photos and notes are all electronically attached to tickets, completed data is sent wirelessly from the field to the back office, ready for administration and reporting.
  • Real-time connectivity to process the ticket eliminates the most time consuming of manual tasks: manual data input.
  • Easy and drop-down menus autofill and tabbed navigation create a fast effortless user experience.


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Banff Case Study

Banff Case Study

The smart city concept doesn’t just dwell in metropolitan areas with millions of residents milling about in their cars and on public transportation. Small communities can just as easily use technology to minimize the effects of traffic congestion, to help make parking easier, and to make the user’s experience more enjoyable.

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