Booting Automation

gtechna Booting Automation integrates easily with your third-party boot operator for a seamless real-time workflow between your officer’s eticketing app and the city’s booting system.

gtechna booting automation integrates parking ticketing and booting apps to enable easy management of any booting scenario. Officers can easily produce digitized and automated boot requests right from a mobile enforcement device to record a booting event— whether putting a boot on a vehicle or releasing it. Citizens can use an intuitive portal to pay fines and request a boot release, or payment can be made on site from an officer’s handheld device.

Simple boot management for officers and citizens

Eliminate redundancies and speed up the boot process with improved automated functions and information sharing.

Automation and Real-Time Data Sharing gtechna booting automation reduces administration time for officers by automatically triggering boot requests with the option of issuing an additional ticket.

Real-time data sharing allows two-way sharing between gtechna software and third-party booting operators. It’s easy for vehicle owners to retrieve information from the user portal or telephone customer service.

Record Boot Device info with built in scanner

gtechna boot software allows officers to use the camera to scan and recognize the barcode on the physical boot. It eliminates the chances of mistakes and it helps monitor the inventory of physical boots.

Record payments on site

Boot payments can be recorded directly on the officer Smartphone to clear paid tickets. This way, the officer can accept cash or other types of payment and release the boot immediately.

Highly Configurable

Multiple system configurations give you the freedom to choose the modules you need with the option to expand as your needs grow. Worried about navigating server maintenance, hardware upkeep, software upgrades, and security?
Simply host your entire booting solution in the cloud and leave all the details to gtechna.

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The Challenges of Pay by Plate

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