eCitation Enforcement solutions for Municipalities, Parking Authorities, Police Departments, Private Operators, Transportation Agencies, Colleges/Universities and Medical Facilities.


Your one-stop solution for simpler transportation, traffic and parking enforcement

Error Correction Artificial Intelligence

Stop errors before they start. PlateCheck™ and FinalCheck™ use complex algorithms to ensure data integrity and autocorrect errors before they become a problem. Digital checks and balances safeguard against common ticketing errors.

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On-Street Parking Enforcement

Make the most of your agency’s assets with our intelligent end-to-end parking enforcement solutions. Mobile Android and in-vehicle ticketing, cloud-based parking rights, and online payments provide a streamlined experience for both officers and customers.

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Off-Street Parking Enforcement

A gateless fixed LPR system keeps track of vehicles and violators, alerting officers when it’s time to enforce a lot or garage. Dispatching officers only when a violation threshold has been reached, allows you to utilize your force more efficiently with minimal personnel. Or, simply replace enforcement officers with our Ticket by Mail system.

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Parking Rights Server

Our cloud-based parking rights server is configured to fully integrate with any payment technology—both mobile and pay station—and can host parking rights from multiple systems from pay-by-space to pay-by-plate, as well as long and short-term permits. Tolerances, exceptions, scofflaws and vehicles of interest are attached to vehicle data which can be queried in real-time. All queries and communications are protected and fail-safed with our Error Correction Artificial Intelligence to ensure 99% accuracy and 24/7 uptime.

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Ticket by Mail

gtechna Ticket-by-Mail seamlessly integrates automated direct mail citations with license plate recognition (LPR) for a complete end-to-end parking enforcement solution. Enhance your enforcement capabilities with the powerful combination of automated plate recognition, cloud-based parking rights verification, and ticketing by mail for unpaid sessions.

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Scofflaw Alerts

Save your administrators time with gtechna’s AutoScoff Alerts. Dispatch tow or boot services based on your scofflaw hotlist and automate actions based on the business rules of the city.

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Stealth Alerts

Adding gtechna Real-Time Stealth Alerts to your existing enforcement system enables easy two-way information sharing between parking enforcement and police agencies. It’s simple: a plate scan or parking transaction on a vehicle of interest triggers a real-time alert to police.

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Police Ticketing

The easiest way to maintain safe roadways. Reduce resource strain by helping officers enforce traffic laws and issue citations more efficiently. License plate recognition software (LPR) helps officers check 500% more plates per shift.

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Online Payments

Streamline the collections process and lower your administrative costs by giving customers a convenient way to pay on the go.

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Towing Automation

gtechna Towing Automation integrates parking ticketing and towing apps to enable easy management of any towing scenario.

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Booting Automation

gtechna Booting Automation integrates easily with your third-party boot operator for a seamless real-time workflow between your officer’s eticketing app and the city’s booting system.

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Heat Maps

gtechna TruView™ Heat Maps give you a real-world view of your parking data to help you benchmark, map officer activity,and identify parking patterns.

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Code by Law Enforcement

Unprecedented Artificial Intelligence for Parking Enforcement that Puts Your Customers First

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Notice of Violation – Property Management

Clean up your streets and generate revenue faster than ever. Keep your city clean by using gtechna’s code enforcement solutions to help inspectors efficiently monitor solid waste violations. Handhelds collect photographic evidence and tamper-proof electronic records for quick processing.

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Ticket Processing

gtechna’s ticket processing system manages the entire parking citation lifecycle providing ticket ageing, late notices, and fees capabilities. Our system can interface with DMV to obtain driver information, registration holds, as well as court systems for adjudication.

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Digital Chalking

gtechna Advanced Timing and Digital Chalking solutions help transform traditional time zone management into a truly efficient parking enforcement option.

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Need hardware to go with your new software?

gtechna software integrates seamlessly with numerous hardware solutions from our partners including: pay stations, laptops, tablets, smartphones and handhelds, thermal printers, license plate recognition cameras, sensors, and radar units.

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License Plate Recognition

Flawless mobility at your fingertips powered by gtechna’s unprecedented Error Correction Artificial Intelligence software

Fixed License Plate Recognition

Use our fixed license plate recognition (LPR) cameras to automate off-street parking management. Continuous LPR verifies vehicle parking rights upon entry or exit, making it easy to manage parking resources and exceptions with minimal physical presence.

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Handheld License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition leverages automation to simplify parking enforcement. Multiply your force with cloud-connected handheld mobile devices that scan license plates and instantly recognize parking rights.

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Bicycle License Plate Recognition

gtechna’s bicycle mount License Plate Recognition leverages the power of LPR technology to simplify parking enforcement for your bicycle fleet. Cover more area in less time with this out-of-the-box system which is packed with functionality to improve parking management and enforcement operations.

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License Plate Recognition to Handheld Bridge

gtechna’s License Plate Recognition to Handheld Bridge closes the gap between vehicle LPR and your officer’s handheld device to address the real-world needs of modern parking management agencies. The application interface enables data captured by vehicle license plate recognition to be transferred in real-time to a handheld device.

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Vehicle License Plate Recognition

Cover more ground with vehicle mount automated license plate recognition (LPR) technology. With LPR, officers can monitor more plates per shift and use our real-time communication to share data with other officers based on the nearest GPS location for targeted enforcement.

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Need hardware to go with your new software?

gtechna software integrates seamlessly with numerous hardware solutions from our partners including: pay stations, laptops, tablets, smartphones and handhelds, thermal printers, license plate recognition cameras, sensors, and radar units.

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Permit and Visitor Management

Manage and enforce residential, special zones and visitor parking by plate number

Digital plate-based permits and visitor passes eliminate the need for physical permits by providing streamlined virtual permitting functionality for citizens. Customers can easily purchase permits and visitor passes from any computer or mobile device through a user-friendly customer portal.

Permit Enforcement

gtechna Permit software eliminates the need for a physical permits system by providing streamlined virtual permitting issuance and enforcement tools for officers, as well as online purchasing for citizens.

Customers can easily obtain permits from any computer or mobile device through a user-friendly permit customer portal.

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Permit Portal

Winning over the public means offering a convenient customer-centric experience. With a mounting list of services to renew or manage, more than ever, convenience has become a necessity. Moving to a digital permit system better reflects the mobile, fast-paced lifestyles of the average citizen. With digital permits, everything is done online, automatically and in real-time. 

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Visitor Pass

Citizens that have registered for a residential parking permit have access to visitor passes which can be obtained at no cost (or at a set fee, according to your city’s business rules) to accommodate a temporary parker. This generates a virtual permit, or parking consideration, for short-term parking scenarios, such as overnight passes.

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Need hardware to go with your new software?

gtechna software integrates seamlessly with numerous hardware solutions from our partners including: pay stations, laptops, tablets, smartphones and handhelds, thermal printers, license plate recognition cameras, sensors, and radar units.

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Business Intelligence

Seize 100% of your potential with BI

Our Business Intelligence opens the door to your data. Access to datasets increases efficiency by helping you identify patterns and trends, officer performance, and operational data—all valuable insights which can lead to better cost-saving business decisions.

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Cloud Hosting

Secure, reliable and scalable hosting capabilities

Built on a well-established, reliable infrastructure gtechna’s cloud-based solution provides unparalleled up-time and durability while meeting the strict legal requirements of your city. Every aspect of hosting is managed by gtechna so your staff can focus their attention on what matters.

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