Officer™ Traffic

Officer™ Traffic

Officer™ Traffic

A complete digital automation solution to monitor, enforce & dynamically manage your road safety program.

gtechna understands the unique challenges presented to police agencies who are often asked to do more to increase public safety initiatives with less.

Officer™ offers traffic enforcement software that minimizes resource strain by ensuring that technology is used to maximize results for police agencies and offering a variety of purchasing of models..

Pay per Ticket – Zero Cost eTicketing System

Only pay for what you use with the pay-per ticket program. Advanced traffic enforcement is no longer only for large cities. With the pay-per-ticket option, join a growing list of technology leaders in traffic enforcement software, including the Milledgeville Police Department, maximizing public safety and department efficiency.

Vehicle Recovery Program

In participating regions, insurance regulatory bodies have teamed up with gtechna to offer stolen vehicle subsidies which are made available to police agencies.

Interoperability Between Police and Parking Enforcement

Officer™ Traffic offers additional savings through collaboration with municipal law enforcement for parking/bylaw/code enforcement for the dual purpose of detecting wanted/stolen vehicles while also performing traditional parking duties. Learn more about covert alerts and the benefits of Interoperability Between Police and Parking Enforcement.

Officer™ Traffic provides dynamic solutions to fit your business rules and budget employing advanced public safety strategies to get the results you need to meet your road safety objectives. Owning traffic enforcement software is now affordable for any sized municipality or police agency with value-add license plate recognition (LPR) programs to subsidize the cost of the traditional eCitation model.

Who is using
Officer™ Traffic?

  • SPVM Montreal Police
  • Milledgeville Police use License Plate Recogniton Technology
  • WashingtonDC

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Premium features


Officer™ Plates [Traffic]

gtechna combines eCitations software with the speed of License Plate Recognition to dramatically increase interceptions of stolen vehicles and crack down on scofflaws making roads and the public safer.
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Key Benefits

Municipalities & States

  • 15% to 30% less citations rejections
  • Reduce errors due to poor handwriting
  • More multi-infraction tickets
  • More overall generated citations
  • Better revenue generation
  • Better cash flow because of paper to electronic transition; faster process.
  • Less office and court time

Police and Transportation Agencies

  • 5 times faster to generate a citation
  • Less time spent with the defendant
  • Fewer repetitive tasks and improved job satisfaction
  • More time to enforce the law
  • Reduction in accidents and mortalities
  • Improve service to citizens