Officer™ TOPS

Officer™ TOPS

Officer™ TOPS

Secure, fast on-line ticket payments for your parking system.

Officer™ TOPS (Ticket Online Payment System) make collections a painless process for both administrators and end -users.

Security is the cornerstone of our suite of software offerings, and we ensure that the online citation payment process does not compromise confidential and sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, personal information or government issued ID numbers.

The Payment Card industry (PCI) has established very specific security protocols to ensure that fraud, identity theft, and other potential breaches are mitigated. These rules are referred to as PCI-DSS

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Key Benefits

  • Lower administration costs and save time by offering an online payment feature
  • Increase productivity.Collections can be a tedious process; leverage self service models that redistribute internal tasks to the public
  • Improve the city’s public facing image by offering fast modern and convenient services
  • Appeal to public autonomy by giving them more control over when and where payments made
  • People are increasingly connecting to the Internet and doing business via mobile. Increase collection rates by allowing customers to make payments on the go