Officer™ Plates [Traffic]

Officer™ Plates [Traffic]

Officer™ Plates [Traffic]

License Plate Recognition Hot List Enforcement increase the volume of plates observed by as much as 500%

gtechna combines eCitations software with the speed of License Plate Recognition (LPR) to dramatically increase interceptions of stolen vehicles and crack down on scofflaws making roads and the public safer.

gtechna’s software solutions and hosted services allow for the collection of vehicle plate data from multiple sources;

  • LPR Systems Mounted on Law Enforcement Vehicles
  • LPR Systems Mounted on Parking Enforcement Cars
  • LPR Systems Used by Private Parking Operators
  • LPR Systems Used by Private Security Companies
  • Mobile Computers Used By City Enforcement Officers

Ask us about special funding programs for LPR technology in partnership with insurance companies and bureaus.

Collaborative Solutions for Vehicle Plate Data

gtechna’s Officer Plates software can allow law enforcement agencies to share license plate recognition (LPR) data with other agencies while collecting data from non-law enforcement organizations such as; city parking enforcement, private parking enforcement and private security groups.

When more “digital eyes” are used to detect wanted, stolen and Amber Alert vehicles… the greater the chances are of finding these vehicles.

These other departments and organizations are capturing vehicle plate data every day in the normal course of their operations. Some use LPR technology and most, if not all, use mobile computers to collect vehicle plate data for the purposes of enforcing or managing parking operations.

Security and Privacy are Built in to our Solutions

With our system, you own your data; you decide how you want to use it. Plate reads can be purged after a day, a month or any configuration suited to your business rules.

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Key Benefits

  • With LPR Scan up to 8000 Plates Per Shift
  • Amber Alerts: combine geo-fencing & ALPR
  • Weed out dangerous drivers with ALPR hotlists
  • Tool up with LPR+GPS for precision data mining
  • Unparalled accuracy, no errors, no paperwork
  • Fast track to efficiency with out-of-box training
  • Effectively impact road safety & officer security
  • Choose from cloud and traditional Hosting