Officer™ Plates [Parking]

Officer™ Plates [Parking]

Officer™ Plates [Parking]

The Blueprint for the Future is Here: Presenting Integrated Intelligent Parking Enforcement

gtechna combines eCitations software with the speed of License Plate Recognition and advanced payment technology such as pay by phone and pay by plate for an integrated intelligent parking enforcement solution

3 reasons why the plate is redefining parking enforcement:

#1 – Multiple access points to renew parking rights

Acquire parking rights by initiating a parking session using the Pay by Phone, Mobile Webpage or Pay by Plate Pay Station. Parker enters vehicle plate number acquiring digital parking rights for time delimited or permit based parking.

# 2 – Automated Dataflow

gtechna’s Officer™ Command Center pulls plate based Parking Rights from the Pay by Phone API or Pay Station to Manage the Parking Session.

Parking rights are transmitted wirelessly to Officer™ Command Center, gtechna’s central database repository for further validation. The Officer™ Command Center is a central hub which processes current as well as expired parking sessions for enforcement and management of parking infractions through to courts. Processing occurs electronically with manifold cost-savings in clerical and court administration due to increased efficiency.

# 3 – Intelligent Enforcement | Simple, Fast Detection and Error-Free Citation Issuance Using Officer™ eCitations Software.

A designated enforcement vehicle equipped with License Plate Recognition cameras monitors parked vehicles. Upon scanning the plate of a vehicle with an expired parking session, an alert is sounded and a citation can be quickly issued. Alternatively, an alert can also be sent back to Officer™ Command Center. Using GPS tracking, Officer™ Command Center deploys the parking agent nearest the vehicle location to issue an eCitation using Officer™ eCitations software.

Because vehicle information has already been sent to the parking enforcement officer’s mobile device, the Officer™ eCitations application is pre-populated and ready to issue an electronic citation in under 3 seconds. All data is transmitted wirelessly in real-time back to Officer™ Command Center. Information is stored for data mining, report generation ticket aging and court adjudication.

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Key Benefits

Increased revenue

  • Intelligent Integration with License Plate Recognition and eCitations enables higher enforcement volumes with fewer voided or contested tickets due to errors or administrative backlog.

Decreased operating costs

  • Decreased maintenance-related operating costs (service, vandalism, coin collection, maintenance, and shrinkage)Replacing hundreds or thousands of meters with a smaller number of zoned pay stations which accept credit cards or alternatively the use of a mobile phone payment system circumvent maintenance issues related to legacy meters.

Using ‘smart’ pay stations reduces down time

  • Smart meters utilize wireless communication to alert maintenance staff drastically reducing downtime.

99.9% up-time

  • Pay by phone eliminates dependency on physical equipment with an uptime of 99.9%. Intelligent Integration with License Plate Recognition and eCitations enables higher enforcement volumes with fewer voided or contested tickets due to errors or administrative backlog.

No loss of space inventory

  • Both pay by phone and pay by plate technologies optimally monetize city real-estate maximizing potential revenues in contrast to wasteful space-dependent parking allocation of older technologies.

No space number to remember

  • The only number required is a license plate. In essence, the license plate becomes a barcode to which are attached all permissions for parking anywhere according to the blueprint prescribed in your business rules offering the potential for data mining to gain insights on trends and habits of parkers.

Easy re-acquisition of parking

  • Depending on the parking restrictions, end-users can add additional time without returning to the vehicle improving customer service and relations with end-users either via a credit card top-off or time added using a mobile phone app