Officer™ Parking

Officer™ Parking

Officer™ Parking

It all starts with the license plate! Unify your technology patchwork like Pittsburgh! Learn about our integrated solution.

Officer™ Parking Enforcement software automates your workflow from parking citation issuance and management to court adjudication. It’s your one-stop end-to-end solution.

Tried and tested for over 20 years with clients from Pittsburgh and Baltimore to Galveston, Texas and Seattle gtechna’s parking enforcement systems are known for providing a fast, reliable and modern user experience for ticket issuance on the field and back office ticket management.

With an onslaught of technological advances in wireless communications, media tablets, smartphones, new printing technologies and innovations in the way parkers can acquire parking rights by phone and plate number, staying on top of the best methods to achieve maximum efficiency has been our mandate in order to offer the best solution for today’s challenging business rules.

Who is using
Officer™ Parking?

  • City_of_Yonkers
  • City_of_Buffalo
  • Baltimore
  • SPVM Montreal Police
  • Pittsburgh Parking Authority
  • Milledgeville Police use License Plate Recogniton Technology
  • WashingtonDC

Screenshots and videos

Premium features


Officer™ TOPS

gtechna provides a module that, along with 3rd party payment vendors, makes it easy to resolve citations online in a PCI-DSS compliant fashion
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Officer™ Permits

Digital permit technology allows for license plate-based permit recognition – no more stickers, receipts or documents to track.
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Officer™ Plates [Parking]

gtechna combines eCitations software with the speed of License Plate Recognition and advanced payment technology such as pay by phone and pay by plate for an integrated intelligent parking enforcement solution
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Key Benefits

  • Fast ROI due to savings in operational expenses and economies of scale inherent in advanced technology
  • High volume accurate tickets; lightning fast and error free
  • Total control over resource allocation with a comprehensive view of all field activity and data
  • Less is more: less paper waste and paper work; fewer staff needed and zero errors common to the manual process
  • Easy integration with multiple parking technologies
  • Reduce rejection rate in courts, no more backlog, and increased collection rates
  • Execute targeted enforcement increasing productivity, eliminating Redundancies
  • Protect field officers from harm with geo-mapping and ability to take video of incidents that may occur in the field
  • Support commerce and nurture local economy by ensuring fluid parking circulation
  • Improve infrastructure and quality of life of residents, visitors and overall image of the city by offering a modern day-to-day experience