Officer™ Cloud services

Officer™ Cloud services

Officer™ Cloud services

eCitations for Traffic and Parking Enforcement in the Cloud

gtechna can provide a turnkey, hosted solution allowing customers to use mobile computers and LPR without needing to install servers at their office/location

5 Things You Should Know About Cloud Computing

In the past few years cloud computing has gained ground as an acceptable alternative to traditional IT solutions. Increasingly, we are seeing a push toward the cloud and below are some of the leading influencers when evaluating a new eCitation or License Plate Recognition solution for traffic enforcement or parking enforcement:

Reduced time-to-market

The inherent efficiencies in set up and deployment mean that time-to-market is drastically reduced. Plug and play style cloud applications are already set up and ready to deploy on shared, private or hybrid cloud servers. Simply tap into the network and subscribe.

High adoption

High adoption rates have suggested that Cloud Computing has proven an intuitive evolution in how IT services are delivered. An exodus from local applications and server networks to shared cloud servers has become the norm. Employees are becoming accustomed to using the Internet for commonplace daily activities; this familiarity tends to result in a low learning curve and high success rate of adoption.

No upfront costs

Fed up with the hard-wired IT infrastructure that costs tens of thousands to set up and then maintain?

Lower costs displace the traditional Capital Expense model (CapEx) for an operational expense (OpEx) model. The OpEx model requires zero upfront investment allowing you to launch your parking or traffic enforcement project without delay and literally pay as you go

Better resource distribution, painless upgrades

Cloud Computing enables delivery of quality service faster. Gone are days of having to download and install patches. All applications are cloud based which means that maintenance and management are done 100% in-house with zero need to involve your staff.

Scalable solutions, seamless integration

Our infrastructure is infinitely scalable to meet growing demand. As your resource requirements grow, we grow with you ensuring bandwidth availability as well as customization options to integrate with your existing infrastructure.

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Key Benefits

Cloud Computing enables delivery of quality service faster. Gone are days of having to download and install patches