Business Intelligence

gtechna Business Intelligence opens the door to your parking data. Access to parking datasets increases efficiency by showing parker preferences, officer performance, and operational data—all valuable insights which can lead to better business decisions. Take advantage of the limitless opportunities to explore your data: use our associative search engine to organically discover new business analytics and then combine them in a single view in the Business Intelligence Hub.

Business Intelligence

Taking it to the Next Level with Business Intelligence

No one wants to waste time with useless data. Business Intelligence is your key to improving staff performance, identifying trends, and pinpointing improvements. Plus, gtechna makes it easy to share these insights and collaborate over relevant data that matters.


Your Data At a Glance

gtechna’s specialized Parking Dashboard helps optimize your operations by displaying your data the way you want it. With dimensions like timeline, workforce, infraction type, or geography BI helps you see the data you need in real-time.


Out of the Box or Customized

Our user interface puts you in the driver seat right out of the box by providing actionable insights in a format which is easy to use, fully interactive and distraction-free. Flexible presentation tools, easy collaboration, and cloud-hosting make gtechna’s Business Intelligence indispensable.

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