5 Dec 2011

Montreal, Canada – gtechna, a leading software developer of turnkey solutions to automate parking and by-law enforcement activities, Snow Removal Parking Enforcementis pleased to announce the implementation of the Officer™ Suite for the borough of Outremont in Montreal. Drivers who have had their vehicle towed in the borough of Outremont, during periods of snow removal operations or any other type of infraction requiring towing, can obtain the vehicle location via the Internet. “The borough of Outremont has indeed taken part, this year, in a project which will undoubtedly make it possible to extend this technology citywide in Montreal,” explains the president of the permanent Advisory Commission on Public Safety and Parking, Mr. Claude B. Piquette. “As the borough of Outremont is already using mobile handheld computers parking ticket printers for the issuance of parking tickets, our enforcement officers were selected to take part in this pilot project set up by the gtechna, which has been providing the borough with software and equipment for our automated citation issuance system since 1998.”

Snow Removal Parking EnforcementThe towing solution allows parkers to retrieve the location of the towed vehicle online and is available in real-time. The parking enforcement officer, who accompanies the tow truck, enters vehicle information (license plate, make and model), the location prior to towing and the location where it was moved to, from a handheld mobile device. This information is then transferred to a server, via wireless cellular communication and can be accessed online 30 seconds after being transferred from the handheld.

A motorist wishing to locate their vehicle can contact the public safety office or visit the Info-Tow website. While on the website, one only needs to enter the vehicle license plate number in order to obtain information as to where the vehicle was towed.

«The partnership with Info-Tow enables us to offer a value added service to the drivers of Outremont,” explains Piquette. “The system is very easy to access and use, which minimizes the frustrations associated with the fact that one’s vehicle has been towed. Faced with the continuous increase in online transactions, especially on Smartphones and tablets, Outremont wanted to continue its integration of emerging technologies among top-of-the-line services it offers to its population with this pilot project.»

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