4 Mar 2011

Hamilton, Canada, March 1, 2011 – gtechna, a leading software developer of turnkey solutions to automate parking and by-law enforcement activities, announced today the implementation of the Officer™ Suite for the City of Hamilton. Officer™ is the first multi-application platform to automate the entire law enforcement process from end to end, from license plate recognition, to citation issuance, information management to online payment services.

With a population of over 500,000, the City of Hamilton ranks as the eighth largest city in Canada. The Hamilton Municipal Parking System (HMPS), operating as a self sustained business unit, generates and processes almost 200,000 hand written tickets per year. Given the existing backlogs in the Ontario court system, HMPS decided to bring the ticket adjudication process in-house (in Ontario, called “Opting In”). However, the data processing, administration and adjudication of such a high volume of manual tickets was cost prohibitive and error prone.

In late 2010, Hamilton published an RFP for an Integrated Parking Ticket Management System. The requirements included all aspects of ticket management, from ticket stock and equipment, through to aging the tickets to produce notices of infraction. Hamilton was also seeking a robust adjudication module, providing reliable tools for capturing adjudication activity. All of this needed to be deployed within a very tight and inflexible timeline.

Pam Carver, Manager of Parking Enforcement and School Safety, states: «gtechna was the successful bidder in our recent RFP, and has more than met our expectations as we continue to develop and roll out the Officer™ Suite system.»

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