9 Nov 2011

Montreal, November 9th, 2011 – gtechna, a parking management company, is proud to sponsor the official launch of the “Say No to Gangs” campaign across North America. Registered Charitable Organization Children Now, launched this initiative in order to develop a collective commitment to educate young people, parents and other community stakeholders on how to deter gangs and gang related activity.

The “Say No to Gangs” campaign provides the necessary tools to combat this destructive phenomenon which includes bullying, gangs as well as violence against children. Every sponsorship dollar contributes to the purchase of books and study guides used in the curriculum at schools participating in Children Now’s Educational Program which targets those most at risk: young children.

Celine Dion, one of the most internationally recognized recording artists, supports Children Now with her message to “prevent bullying and violence among children through education and positive encouragement”. This message will be released in cinemas nation-wide, as a video clip, before the start of every movie. A second video clip was also presented during this event and will be diffused throughout the campaign. It aims at raising awareness about street gangs. International gang expert, Luciano Bentenuto states that “ ‘Saying NO to Gangs’ is everybody’s business”.

Both video clips can be viewed at where everyone is encouraged to make a difference by donating online.

gtechna believes in giving back to the community through positive community development initiatives. Hundreds of people attended the launch, including front-line stakeholders, educators, psychologists, sociologists, criminologists, police representatives as well as corporations active in local community development such as gtechna. “Our communities must be safe and secure environments for our future leaders to grow up in. Doing everything in our power to ensure that this happens is everyone’s obligation as responsible citizens” states gtechna Vice-President and Co-founder Michael Leccese.

The book “Youth and Street Gangs” will be added to the curriculum of participating schools in order to help inform young people about street gangs, prevent them from joining, show them how to take charge and in turn, become responsible citizens.

“The more we know about this social phenomenon, the more we will be able to prevent it. This campaign will help to raise awareness so that parents and educators can better support children”, says its Chief Operating Officer, Ricaardoe Di Done.

Contrary to popular opinion:

Young people do not join gangs for the lure of money. They join because they are seeking a sense of belonging. Most of the time they do not know what they are getting involved in.
25 % to 50 % of young people from broken homes will experience problems such as joining a street gang,  dropping out of school, suicide, crime and violence.

On the other hand, young people who are supervised with attentive parents and involved in enriching extracurricular activities and positive social groups are less likely to be attracted to street gangs.

About Children Now
Children Now is a registered charitable organization whose mission is to defend and protect the rights of children, teenagers, parents and grand-parents in difficulty and, more particularly, individuals experiencing problems as a result of family conflicts and/or the breakup of the family. It helps children living in difficult conditions in Canada through many initiatives mainly based on prevention and education.

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