29 Dec 2010

Whistler, September 29, 2010 – On Monday, July 12 the Resort Municipality of Whistler launched a new and innovative “permitless” parking management system making it easier for users to pay for parking based on the licence plate number. Gtechna is proud to be the first in North America to implement a real-time pay-by-plate system using the Officer™ Citations software suite and Automated Licence Plate Recognition technology.

gtechna has partnered with Cale Parking Systems to deploy the pay-by-plate parking solution for the Whistler Parking Authority. With so many visitors during high season, parking enforcement in Whistler presents unique challenges. In order to accommodate for the local population as well as frequent population fluctuation, Whistler has constructed massive parking lots the size of four football fields.

In the past, parking access has been controlled using a “pay-and-display” system but this process has proven to be less effective and cumbersome for both users and enforcing officers. With so many cars coming in and out of lots, to visually scan and enforce time-delimited parking for thousands of vehicles in an off-street setting would be inefficient and impractical. Sandra Smith, Director of Parking Enforcement for Whistler states, “in today’s challenging times, we have to utilize technology to improve performance, maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Gtechna’s pay-by-plate system has allowed our parking operation to increase our patrol areas without additional staff.”

Whistler’s parking authority required an automated, user-friendly parking management system to properly serve its visitors. Gtechna’s Officer™ software suite allows users to pay for parking using a vehicle licence plate number; no need for a permit on the dashboard, no need to remember a space number. Further, the officer no longer has to walk around each vehicle to manually validate permit expiration.

Gtechna has successfully deployed its state-of-the-art pay-by-plate software solution Officer™, streamlining a large-scale parking operation. Parking authority vehicles are now equipped with infrared cameras manufactured by ELSAG North America, which automatically scan licence plates to determine whether or not the vehicle has the right to be parked in the lot. Once a plate has been scanned, Officer™ immediately performs a ‘white-list’ look-up on the vehicle record. A single officer can now scan up to 8000 vehicles per shift making it possible to sweep large areas in record timing while the PCO attends to other routine duties.

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