6 Nov 2014

Universities are Turning to gtechna for Modern Android™ and Plate-Based Parking Enforcement Solutions

The University of Sherbrooke recently implemented an entirely plate-based permit and short term parking system. The system provided by gtechna, comprises an end-to-end solution integrating 3M license plate recognition (LPR) cameras that manage thousands of visitors and students that were previously parking using pay and display tickets and hang tag permits. gtechna also partnered with 3M on a similar License Plate Recognition permit solution for the University of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“The value of having a parking solution that utilizes the plate is that it benefits both visitors and students” stated Project Manager, David Alvarez who worked closely with the implementation team. “By simply entering one’s license plate number into a pay by plate pay station, visitors no longer need to return to the vehicle to place a ticket stub in the dashboard and permit holders need not worry about misplacing a permit hang tag: a registered plate number is all that is needed.”

“Campus security is of utmost importance to ensure a safe environment for students and visitors. The license plate recognition system acts as an additional tool to continue to meet those objectives” commented Mike Bourre, Vice-president of Sales and Marketing at gtechna. “Using license plate recognition can help identify patterns which may point to suspicious behavior and hotlist capabilities can be used to alert campus security to vehicles of interest.”

In addition to campus safety, parking enforcement officers also see a spike in productivity with the system’s efficiency enhancing tools. Director of Operations, Bernard Campbell observed that “previously one of several challenges the University had was simply managing the volume of permit holders and visitors across our 3,500 spaces. With this new system, officers can cover large areas and multiple lots using vehicles equipped with License Plate Recognition cameras.”

“For universities, the new standard for enforcement technology is the plate; it is more efficient and also brings the added benefit of security. For the student, it is the latest in technology and brings a simpler and easy way to park. It’s a win-win” stated Chief Technology Officer Sergio Mastronardi.

“The parking market will be going through a technology shift and we believe universities will take the lead because of the increased efficiency, student flexibility and safety”, stated Michel Guay CEO.

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