Milledgeville Police Department Takes the Lead in Georgia Adopting gtechna’s Electronic Citations Solution

4 Dec 2012


Milledgeville, December 4, 2012. gtechna, an end-to-end eCitations integrator provided the Milledgeville Police Department with the first of its kind, pay per ticket electronic citations solution bundled with license plate recognition technology (LPR). A smaller city of 17,715 inhabitants, Milledgeville citizens enjoy safe and secure roads due to the Milledgeville Police Department’s continual commitment to quality police service. With this in mind, Milledgeville PD sought out a solution to the all-to-familiar inefficiencies of manual citation issuance. High personnel costs coupled with a paper trail that created an administrative backlog and steep operational overhead made traffic enforcement an expensive and not always effective undertaking. In order to improve productivity and maintain the excellence in policing residents have come to know, Milledgeville PD chose a solution that would reduce operational costs while increasing efficiency and the safety of its citizens.

gtechna and the Milledgeville PD developed a pay per ticket model that allowed the police department to adopt an eCitations system at no upfront cost and by adding license plate recognition technology to the solution, the benefits were immediate. Two patrol vehicles were outfitted with LPR cameras, a force multiplier that flags motorists with violations such as suspended or expired licenses and expired tags (unpaid insurance). These types of violations are usually not intercepted unless a routine traffic stop is made. This means that there are people on the road driving that should not be.

Milledgeville Police Chief Swicord observed that, “as soon as the system was up and running, within only 2 hours we were able to recover $9,100 from scofflaw violations like unpaid registration. It was clear from the outset that pay-per-ticket was a low risk highly beneficial solution. We did not have the funds, but I believed the technology could bring our agency to the forefront in law enforcement. Now I can confirm that adopting this technology was the right move.”

With LPR, police in Milledgeville are now proactively enforcing the law using advanced technology. gtechna eCitations enforcement software runs on an in-vehicle laptop or tablet issuing electronic citations to a 4-inch Bluetooth® Zebra printer for traffic enforcement. gtechna also provided one handheld PDA for parking enforcement. The combined efficiencies of these intelligent enforcement technologies vastly improve a once cumbersome process from the moment an eCitation is issued through to the court system. Officers fill out eCitations at least 3 times faster and all eCitation data is sent wirelessly to the courts with no need for transcription.

High performance technology usually comes with a hefty price tag; not so, with a pay-per-ticket solution. Pay-per-ticket allowed Milledgeville to adopt a much needed eCitation solution at no risk, bundled with value added license plate recognition (LPR), at zero cost. “The Chief leveraged the returns from pay per ticket in order to adopt new technology such as LPR which, gtechna is in a unique position to deliver due to tight integration between eCitation and LPR data” says Mike Bourre, VP of Sales & Marketing. Chief Swicord added that “the system is being funded by the people that are breaking the law and the taxpayers are left untouched”. The Milledgeville Police Department now possesses a modern policing solution that truly fulfills both parking and traffic enforcement mandates.

“There shouldn’t be a premium on productivity when it comes to public safety. Every police department is entitled to the best technology” says Allen Cowart, Milledgeville’s Communications Supervisor.

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