30 Sep 2014

The City of Galveston Police Department is using cutting edge pay by plate parking software. The parking enforcement system provided by gtechna has allowed Galveston to introduce an accurate and efficient means to enforce parking with little to no impact on the existing landscape of Galveston’s Seawall, a highly frequented tourist destination.

Galveston had no parking infrastructure on the Seawall so the only viable method of parking was through the use of mobile phone payments. gtechna proposed a unique pay by plate enforcement solution which interfaces with a mobile parking application provided by Pay By Phone.  All transactions are associated with the parker’s  license plate which is then scanned for enforcement by a license plate recognition system

“Galveston is one the only cities in North America with a vision to leverage enforcement in a manner that is both unique and creative to truly maximize the benefits and realize the full potential of this technology”, stated gtechna President and CEO, Michel Guay. “This includes time enforcement, paid parking rights, criminal investigation, permits, disaster preparedness and border security. It is truly a milestone for plate-based enforcement technology.”

Galveston police edition SUVs are fully equipped with license plate recognition (LPR) cameras and a laptop running gtechna’s license plate recognition software scanning up to 3 plates a second. “With the ticketing component embedded in the LPR software, we are issuing a ticket within seconds of getting a hit; the ticketing and LPR exchange plate data seamlessly as one in the same system”, commented Officer Sean Migues.

“The license plate recognition (LPR) software can run on multiple platforms including tablets or laptops and is a part of the same software used for eticketing on Android™ or Windows operating systems,” commented Mike Bourre, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing.  “All data captured with LPR is attached to the ticket record and can be transferred in real-time and managed using a cloud based infrastructure or installed locally on servers.”


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