4 Sep 2014

Parking Software for Android

Clarington Sept. 4, 2014 – The Municipality of Clarington’s parking enforcement officers are using cutting edge parking smartphone software. The software is provided by gtechna and has improved accuracy and efficiency in the parking enforcement system. Municipal Clerk Anne Greentree says “we are delighted with our new parking solution using the Android™ Samsung Galaxy S® 4 as an enforcement device. Our Parking Enforcement officers like it because it is easy to use, reliable and reduces the amount of equipment they carry. The galaxy also offers the Municipality a more affordable alternative, with significant savings over manual systems or traditional dedicated handheld units.”


The Municipality of Clarington will not use the software to issue more tickets, its aim is to simplify the process. It will improve productivity of employees and allow for cost savings. “While there’s not been a large increase in ticket volume which I am sure the public appreciates, we have seen an improvement in accuracy,” says Greentree.


The new technology has improved communications and enhanced performance for parking enforcements agencies. “We’ve tried out different solutions for communicating with our officers. What’s great about using a smartphone is our ability to use talk, text and email to dispatch officers to service areas as needed.” Smartphones have allowed administration and field officers to take a more coordinated and targeted approach to managing our parking assets,” says Greentree.


There’s been a recent shift in the parking enforcement industry to use smartphones. “The last dozen customers that have signed on for a parking management solution have gone with Android™,” says Sergio Mastronardi, Chief Technology Officer. “Gtechna saw this shift 3 years ago and for this reason we are viewing the company as a true forerunner in IT solutions for the parking industry. We are very enthusiastic because there is a clear demand in this market for innovation and gtechna continues to be present at every turn.”

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