Parking Enforcement Solutions

Parking Enforcement Solutions

Intelligent eCitation Enforcement Software with Pay by Phone, Plate and License Plate Recognition (LPR) Integration

Pittsburgh Parking Authority

“Pay by Plate’s improved technology provides a more convenient amenity that will benefit Downtown visitors, workers and residents”

David Onorato, Executive Director, Pittsburgh Parking Authority




New technologies are making a huge impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of parking enforcement while also providing a major contribution to improved customer service standards as well as better traffic flow in and around towns and cities.

From electronic parking enforcement software to digital parking rights acquisition using pay by cell and online payment options, Officer™ Parking offers your parking management team the best in next generation technology.

Learn more about our parking citation software solutions such as Intelligent Parking Enforcement by plate.

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Here’s what parking professionals are saying

«We gather so much data, and are also able to analyze it in ways that were previously impossible»

- Judy Devito, Director of Enforcement & Metered Services, Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh

«gtechna Inc. has more than met our expectations»

- Pam Carver, Manager of Parking Enforcement and School Safety, City of Hamilton

«Officer™ multiplies productivity by further automating the observation, warning and citations rocess removing potential for human error.»

- Thinh Nygyen, Quality Control Manager, Washington D.C

Officer™ Parking

Some clients and their successes

SPVM Montreal Police


employs one of the largest fleets of parking enforcement officers in North America. Using gtechna’s officer parking suite to enforce and manage a combination of pay by space and single space meters in the down town area as well as time delimited zones, parking officers benefit from being able to effectively cover zones issuing fast error free tickets. Citizens can make use of a web portal to pay tickets online. The Officer process automation lowers administration costs while improving circulation by enabling parking officers to effectively monitor and curtail the abuse of parking privileges.

Pittsburgh Parking Authority

The Public Parking Authority of Pittsburgh (PPAP)

adopted an integrated real-time pay-by-plate and eCitation enforcement solution that is much more efficient and accurate with the pay by plate system and citations software for the Parking Authority’s handheld devices. Once a customer has made his/her purchase, enforcement handhelds are updated within 5 seconds of any payment. Parking enforcement officers can be alerted to vehicles whose time has expired where upon they only need punch in the plate number to verify information, a much faster and effective means for identifying and ticketing vehicles with expired by parking sessions.


Washington DC

works closely with the District’s Police Department to ensure that its citizens can enjoy a high standard of living by keeping D.C.’s neighborhoods and downtown areas safe and secure. The City turned to gtechna to provide a solution to help enhance the Police Department’s Amber Alert program which allows parking vehicles equipped with license plate recognition cameras to issue covert alerts to the police department whenever an Amber Alert is in effect. Inter agency collaboration has made this program another example of how D.C. continues to use leading technologies to help improve the  quality of life of its citizens.