Automated Traffic Enforcement Systems

Automated Traffic Enforcement Systems

Tight integration of eCitation and license plate recognition data for traffic & road safety

Milledgeville Police use License Plate Recogniton Technology

Within only 2 hours we were able to recover $9,100 from scofflaw violations
Dray Swicord, Chief of Police, Milledgeville, GA



A force-multiplier for police agencies, Officer™ traffic enforcement and management software solutions offer applications for surveillance using license plate recognition, eCitations and collision reporting. Police agencies seeking an automated solution to reduce work loads and increase officer productivity use Officer™ to provide high caliber public safety and security services.

For addtional information on public safety solutions for police agencies learn about our pay per ticket and value-added eCitations program.

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Here’s what law enforcement professionals are saying

«There shouldn’t be a premium on productivity when it comes to public safety. Every police department is entitled to the best technology.»

- Allen Cowart, Communications Supervisor, Milledgeville, GA

«It was clear from the outset that pay-per-ticket was a low risk highly benefi cial solution. We did not have the funds, but I believed the technology could bring our agency to the the next level»

- Allen Swicord, Chief of Police, Milledgeville, GA

«gtechna Inc. has more than met our expectations»

- Pam Carver, Manager of Parking Enforcement and School Safety City of Hamilton,

Officer™ Traffic

Some clients and their successes

SPVM Montreal Police

The Montreal Police

department leveraged the speed and accuracy of the Officer™ electronic citations front and back end system. The Montreal Police required a sophisticated e ticketing system which would handle complex sets of business rules common to large cities. Officer™ offers one of the most feature rich e ticketing systems on the market which allowed it to meet and exceed the city’s expectations. With volumes as high as 1 million tickets a year, Officer™ needed to demonstrate robust performance with reliable results. Officer™ has provided value and economies of scale to the city while assisting in building a world class traffic enforcement program for the city of Montreal.

Milledgeville Police use License Plate Recogniton Technology


had unique requirements and budgetary challenges which called for an affordable high performance solution. Officer™ suite integrates License Plate recognition technology with electronic ticketing at no up front costs allowing Milledgeville to fulfill mandates for both its traffic and parking enforcement operations.


Washington DC

works closely with the District’s Police Department to ensure that its citizens can enjoy a high standard of living by keeping D.C.’s neighborhoods and downtown areas safe and secure. The City turned to gtechna to provide a solution to help enhance the Police Department’s Amber Alert program which allows parking vehicles equipped with license plate recognition cameras to issue covert alerts to the police department whenever an Amber Alert is in effect. Inter agency collaboration has made this program another example of how D.C. continues to use leading technologies to help improve the  quality of life of its citizens.