Solid Waste Enforcement

Solid Waste Enforcement

A digital alternative to municipal waste management helping cities to further green initiatives

Washington D.C. Solid Waste Management

“We have seen a continued improvement with a 67% increase in Notices of Violation (NOVs)
Pamela Washington, Solid Waste Enforcement Manager
Washington, DC



Every year, the United States generates approximately 250 million tons of “trash” — about 4.3 pounds per person, per day. Rapidly evolving consumption habits have required cities to develop new strategies for dealing with the complexities of waste generation and disposal. Public Works (DPW) require a sustainable solid waste enforcement and management option to help advance the city’s health, safety and environmental objectives as efficiently as possible. The Officer™ Code Enforcement module “eSweep” is an municipal solide waste management solution that provided tight database integration and the ability to auto-fill the majority of data before the inspector even arrives on site, minimizing collection and administrative work considerably.

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Here’s what code enforcement professionals are saying

«The media tablet was a perfect fit for capturing evidence with a built-in camera instantly attaching photos to the NOV file which can be sent wirelessly to the Office of Adjudication Hearings (OAH).»

- Sylvia Williams, IT Manager, Washington, D.C. Solid Waste Enforcement

«gtechna has provided a high performing, digital alternative which has minimized court rejection rates, previously an issue with the older system prone to manual errors, administrative backlog and unreliability. Most importantly, eSWEEP helps enhance quality of life for D.C. residents by keeping neighborhoods safe and clean.»

- Pamela Washington, Solid Waste Enforcement Manager, Washington D.C. Department of Public Works

Officer™ eSWEEP

Some clients and their successes

Washington D.C. Solid Waste Management

Washington DC

Washington DC required a system that was able to achieve tight database integration, a critical component to the success of the project. eSWEEP consolidates data from five inter-departmental databases including the D.C. 311 center which, prior to eSWEEP were obtained manually. The seamless process—taking photos with the Android media tablet, wireless transmission of data and the automation of the mailing process— allowed the department to decrease the number of cases thrown out due to missing data or back log.