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Street parking solutions in an ideal world

Street parking solutions in an ideal world

Your ideal street parking solution might mean shifting your parking management system toward pay by plate parking. You know a whole new system means change—and a lot of it—but what will this idealistic set up really look and feel like?

Knowing this would really help you visualize and plan accordingly. Your new system need be one integrated seamlessly throughout your whole operation.

The pay by plate checklist

Your idealized pay by plate checklist to get started sings a tune similar to this:

  • Pay by plate enabled pay stations
  • Enforcement that is fully integrated with pay by cell, License Plate Recognition (LPR), and also accepts parking violations payments through an integrated portal
  • Replaces all gated public parking garage and lot equipment (gates, ticket spitters, booths, etc.)
  • Mobile payments and wayfinding (including smartphone apps for on and off street parking , and accurate occupancy information with guidance)
  • Real time LPR enforcement (mobile and handheld LPR)
  • Red zone sensors (e.g. hydrants, bus stops, no parking or stopping zones, loading zones, etc.) with enforcement alerts
  • LPR access control for entrance restricted gated operations (City Hall, police station, nested public/private facilities)
  • Online permit payments and management

The smart parking management system experience

To conceptualize how this all comes together, let’s explore a scenario to showcase how your seamless, ideal pay by plate model would play out as demonstrated by the following characters. You have:

  • Adrienne, a visitor passing through your city
  • Citizens of your city
  • Mayor and City Council of your city
  • *INSERT YOUR NAME*, a forward-thinking parking executive

Adrienne is visiting your city for the first time. She thinks to herself, “Wow, this parking situation is no fuss compared to lots of other cities when it comes to parking,” after she simply walks up to a pay station, selects the amount of time she needed and paid via her credit card. Maybe she’ll even spread some good ole-fashioned word of mouth to friends and family, encouraging future visits to your city, too.

All citizens are loving that resident discount you’ve offered that’s automatically applied with their registered license plate(s). In fact, most have opted to use the Mobile Payment interface which eliminates their need to walk to a pay station at all, thanks to mobile payment accounts. They can also get a sense of available spots near their destination thanks to a suite of related apps. And if that’s not enough in the perks category, citizens have an online self-service account management interface at their fingertips. This allows them to manage matters like residential permits and commuter parking. With this pay by plate system, you’re directly contributing to a happy constituent base.

Who else has reason to be happy? Your Mayor and City Council is quite pleased despite initial skepticism with the concept of offering a reduced fine amount for non-red zone violations. It’s hard to believe that reducing the fine amount by 50% if paid at a pay station, on-line, or through a smartphone app on the same day would significantly increase payment compliance and revenue, but that’s what happens!

Your part in this story is as an innovator who’s recognized for making visitors, citizens, and city leadership happy by way of your decision to be cutting edge by adopting a smart parking management system. Does it get more ideal than that? It does, don’t forget about the bottom line.

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