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2018 CPA Toronto: Improving Curbside Management

2018 CPA Toronto: Improving Curbside Management

We’re learning a lot at this year’s Canadian Parking Association conference in Toronto! One important topics we’re discussing is that, with limited urban environments, the priority for parking authorities and patrons alike, is to get maximum value from that space. We couldn’t agree more!

We attended a session that spoke to is issue: Curbside Management Strategy – Improve How Curbside Space is Used, which was presented by Peter Richards, Associate Director at IBI Group.

With a variety of users utilizing the curbside – including drivers and parked vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, couriers and goods movement, food trucks, and so many more – there’s bound to be a need to re-evaluate how the curbside is being used and in what ways those uses can be improved.

Part of re-evaluating is finding out what conflicts are currently being faced – whether that’s delivery trucks impairing curbside parking, not enough space for cyclists, or a variety of other conflicts. Knowing how your city is being impacted in this specific area can be helpful for coming up with solutions that will impact the overall good of your population.

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